2012.12 News: December Meeting Cancelled!

SWAG President David Weston has issued an Official Edict cancelling the membership meeting of Wed. Dec. 19 due to threatening weather.

His auxiliary advice: The fewer cars on the roads, the better.

You may peruse several possible tracks of the incoming storm from this helpful site provided by the National Weather Service.

And just be glad the meeting hadn't been scheduled for Friday:


2012.12 News: Macintosh Buying Guide

Is there somebody you really, really, really like a lot? Somebody for whom you'd like to get a really, really, really nice holiday gift? Then you might be interested in the Macintosh Buying Guide just published by Macworld magazine.


2012.12 News: Turing Biopic on Demand

Geeks, nerds, and dorks should all be aware of Alan Turing, the brilliant British mathematician who cracked the Nazi Enigma code in WW2, laid the groundwork for modern computer programming, and was shamefully hounded to death by his native country for his homosexuality. You may have heard of the "Turing Test", which is what he proposed as a method of telling whether a machine had attained human-equivalent sentience.

Star Cinema in Fitchburg will screen Codebreaker, the 2011 biography of Turing, once (on Thu. Jan. 17 at 7:30 PM) but only if they get 50 ticket reservations in advance. Make those reservations here.

Please publicize this to others who may be interested in this seminal figure in computing history.

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