January Business

The SWAG board presented 2 motions at the 2015 January meeting.

Motion #1: The Southern Wisconsin Apple Group will dissolve after an orderly shutdown period.

Adopted, about 6-4, with several members not voting

Motion #1 having passed, the following shutdown plan was introduced and ultimately adopted, with amendments as indicated.

Motion #2: The SWAG shutdown plan is as follows:
  1. Send out a notice of dissolution to our membership mailing list.
  2. Notify Sequoya Library that we won’t be using our meeting rooms.
  3. Refund the unused portion of everyone’s dues. Physical assets (projector, adapters, etc.) will remain in the possession of their current custodian, Richard S. Russell, and will continue to be available to lend to anyone who was a SWAG member at the time of its dissolution.
  4. Close our post-office box.
  5. Notify the secretary of state’s office, the IRS, and Isthmus (where we advertise) that we’re going out of business.
  6. After allowing a couple of months to pass for all the checks to clear, close our checking account with a final cashier’s check drawn payable to the Madison Public Library Foundation ($500), with the remainder to be divided equally among 6 non-profit groups selected by the individual board members.
  7. Post a farewell message dissolution notice on our website but maintain the blog itself indefinitely as a communication channel for Apple aficionados in Southern Wisconsin.

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