2015.07 News: Feeling Jealous Yet?

In its review of Microsoft's new Windows 10 operating system (yes, they skipped over 9), Time has identified 5 new features to make Apple users jealous. Read the article, then come back here and tell us how jealous it's made you.


2015.07 Tip: Auto-Parsing in "Contacts"

You know how the "Contacts" utility (formerly "Address Book") has separate fields for street address, city, state, zip code, and country?

And you've probably figured that, if you want to copy and paste an address, you have to do each of those fields individually, right? 4-5 separate C&P operations? Turns out not. You can just copy the entire original, even if it's on a couple of separate lines, like this:

and when you click in the "Street" box and do a paste, "Contacts" is smart enuf to parse the address out into the proper fields for you with just a single operation:


2015.07 News: Possible Problem with Apple Music

The following message was distributed via the Computer Risks periodic bulletin. It's reposted here as an "FYI" item. I have no independent confirmation of it, but as Holly always used to say at the end of the newsletter, caveat emptor:

One risk of jumping onto a new product release is the possibility of side
effects that damage or destroy your data -- as some Apple Music enrollees
are discovering. On the Apple discussion forum and elsewhere users are
complaining that thru some unexplained mechanism their existing playlists
and album art are being corrupted by Apple Music. Playlists that have taken
hours to compile become useless. Also there are reports that user meta-data
describing the song (genre, artist, notes, etc.) is replaced by meta-data
from Apple music. See https://discussions.apple.com/thread/7104745