About Us

SWAG has shut down, and none of the info below is valid any more, but we thot we'd leave it visible for historical purposes.


Southern Wisconsin Apple Group
PO Box 259298, Madison WI 53725-9298


We're a community with a common interest: a passion for all Applish things.

All user levels are welcome, from beginners to veterans.

We help one another.

We do it through Q&A sessions and a feature presentation at each meeting.

Some recent meetings featured the iPad user interface, data security, and Apple's Pages program. Other programs demonstrated were iPhoto for keeping track of all your photos and iTunes and iPod for music selections. We welcome your ideas for future presentations.

Our newsletter, SWAGger, published 11 months a year, is available via e-mail through a membership in SWAG. Samples of older newsletters are available on our Newsletters page.

If you can, bring your troubled Mac to the meeting and we’ll diagnose it if possible.

Members can borrow a power adapter that fits into your car's 12-volt power-access outlet (formerly known as a "cigaret lighter") for long trips where you'd like to use your laptop as a CD player. E-mail Richard S. Russell to reserve it on a "first come, first served" basis.

We also have a guru list (available to members only) of experts in various kinds of software and hardware. You get user-group discounts as mentioned in the newsletter. And you get to hang with the coolest computer users in the world.

Look under the "Join" tab for information on becoming a member.


President: Dave Weston
Vice-President: [vacant]
Treasurer: Raul De Luna
Secretary: Holly McEntee
Member-at-Large: Jim Benes
Member-at-Large: David Peterson
Member-at-Large: Richard S. Russell


Membership coordinator: Richard S. Russell
Newsletter editor: Holly McEntee
Publicity: Barbara Leuthner
Webmaster: Dave Weston


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Meeting Cancellation. Decisions to cancel the monthly membership meeting due to dangerous weather conditions will be made by 6:00 PM the day before the scheduled meeting date. The final decision will be made by the president in consultation with the board. Members will be notified of this decision via e-mail and an update to the SWAG website as soon as possible but no later than 12:00 noon the date of the meeting.

Advertising. Small want ads (for example, ”printer for sale”) in newsletter SWAGger are free to members not involved in the routine commerce of such items. SWAG reserves the right to refuse or edit ads.

Privacy. SWAG's privacy policy is intended to disclose how SWAG collects personal data of its members, how SWAG uses that data, and how SWAG protects member data.

Our policy applies to all personally identifiable information about members that is obtained by SWAG in connection with providing membership benefits. This policy will continue to cover information we may collect from you during the course of the relationship between SWAG and members.

Any and all information SWAG obtains from members is solely for purposes of providing SWAG benefits and services. Member information is used for the following SWAG business purposes:
  1. To send out the monthly newsletter;
  2. To send notification to members of the pending expiration of membership (if the member has not renewed prior to the month membership expires);
  3. To post contact information of volunteer SWAG gurus in the newsletter;
  4. To help the Board of Directors and the newsletter editor choose topics of interest for the newsletter, monthly meetings, or website information and links to other sites to meet these member interests;
  5. To contact those members who have indicated to the Board that they would be interested in contributing an article to the newsletter, maintaining a section on the group's website, or for presenting a topic or hosting a monthly meeting; or to contact members who have a special knowledge or interest to inquire if they would be interested in one of the above areas; and
  6. To administer the membership list for expiration dates and to contact members who have not renewed to ask if they would consider rejoining the group.

Information security is our highest priority. This priority is emphasized by the SWAG Board of Directors and this privacy policy. Any Board member who is found to have violated our policy will be asked to resign.

We safeguard information by regularly assessing security standards and procedures to protect against unauthorized access to personal information on both the SWAG website and the membership list maintained by the Membership Coordinator.

SWAG limits access to member information to SWAG Board members only for purposes outlined above. Information is not shared with any person or entity (company, governmental agency, or organization).

SWAG will not release any member's personal information for any reason to any person or entity of any type for any reason unless it receives a court order to do so.