2014.09 Tip: How To E-Mail

Google's Chairman Eric Schmidt describes in this article the 9 rules his company uses to make the best use of e-mail. (Notice he didn't strain to get to the "magic number" of 10. He said what needed to be said and then stopped talking.)


2014.09 News: No Pushing!

Half a billion iTunes users got the latest U2 album for free. Many of them probably liked it. Some didn't notice; others didn't care. But some got kind of ticked off about it. Apple is backing away, lesson learned.


2014.09 News: New Ones Are Coming

Apple's real close to introducing new computer models, which means that all the retailers are gearing up to clear the shelves of the old one. There are bargains to be had. This one, from Other World Computer, just hit my inbox, but there are bound to be others as well. (No endorsement of OWC expressed or implied.)

These are brand-new machines, and they come with the full warranty. They are not the latest, greatest, super-duper, bleeding-edge machines they once were, but they're perfectly fine for 99.8% of what normal users have occasion to use them for. If your current iMac is 5 years old or more, hey, a 1-year-old model is still a step up, right? And the price will be right for the next month or so.


2014.09 Event: Open House at the IoT Lab

A gleaming new building at the University of Wisconsin houses the combined Wisconsin Institutes of Discovery* and Morgridge Institute for Research, and there's where the UW's Internet of Things Lab will hold an open house on Thu. Dec. 4 from 5 to 7 PM. No details yet, but it'll probably be similar to the previous one on May 1.

*not to be confused with the creationist Discovery Institute