No More Meetings!

SWAG has shut down, and it won't be holding any more meetings. Here's what we had been doing:

General Membership Meetings

Next membership meeting will be on Wed. Jan. 21 at 4340 Tokay Blvd. (just off Midvale Blvd.), the Sequoya Branch of the Madison Public Library. Topic listed below.

These meetings are usually held on the 3rd Wednesday of every month, except sometimes the library bumps us to the 2nd Wednesday due to prior commitment of their meeting room. The general format for each meeting is:
  • 6:00-6:45 PM: Beginners' session: general Q&A, troubleshooting, tips
  • 7:00-7:15 PM: News, updates, occasional business, advanced Q&A
  • 7:15-8:45 PM: Feature presentation
Members are gently encouraged to refrain from engaging in side conversations during the meeting as a courtesy to the presenters and your fellow members.

Board Meetings

Next board meeting will be 6:00 PM on Tue. Jan. 6 at 1221 Ann St., (just off Fish Hatchery Rd.), the Parkway Family Restaurant. Members welcome.

These meetings are usually held a couple of weeks prior to the next membership meeting:
  • the Tuesday 15 days before a 3rd-Wednesday meeting
  • the Wednesday 14 days before a 2nd-Wednesday meeting
generally from 6:00 to 7:30 PM, at one of Madison's many fine local eateries. Meetings are usually preceded, accompanied, and/or followed by chow and chatter. Mainly what we do is figure out the meeting topics for the next month or so, along with occasional other business.

All SWAG members are more than welcome at any board meeting, no advance notice necessary!

2015 Meeting Topics
  • Jan. 21: Using Your Mac for Dungeon Master Support
    • motions to dissolve SWAG
2014 Meeting Topics
  • Dec. 17: Movie Night: Hackers (1995), with popcorn, starting at 6:00
  • Nov. 12 (2nd Wed.): New operating systems: OS X Yosemite and iOS 8
    • presented by Dave Weston
  • Oct. 8 (2nd Wed.): On-line resources for being an informed voter
    • presented by Richard S. Russell
  • Sep. 10 (2nd Wed.): On-line meeting scheduling, form design, and survey creation: Doodle, Wufoo, and Survey Monkey
    • presented by Holly McEntee and Richard S. Russell
  • Aug. 20: Nostalgia night: fond remembrances of Applish things of the past; bring stuff
  • July 16: Inside the big folder: How your Mac is organized
    • presented by Dave Weston
  • June 18: Electronic phone books:,,
    • presented by Jim Benes
  • May 14 (2nd Wed.): OS X vs. iOS: what your MacBook does differently than your iPad
  • Apr. 16: Net Neutrality: What is it? Why is it in danger? Why should we care?
    • presented by UW Prof. Lucas Graves
    • election of officers
  • Mar. 12 (2nd Wed.): Internet mapping: Apple's Maps, Google Maps, MapQuest, Yahoo Maps
    • presented by Richard S. Russell
    • nomination of officers
  • Feb. 12 (2nd Wed.): OS X Mavericks
    • presented by Dave Weston
    • approval of annual budget
  • Jan. 15: Computer privacy in a surveillance culture
    • presented by Sarah Karon, American Civil Liberties Union of Wisconsin
2013 Meeting Topics
  • Dec. 18: Movie Night: WALL•E (2008)
  • Nov. 13: Genealogy
    • presented by Walker Crawford, Dane County Area Genealogical Society
  • Oct. 9: Closer than ever: new operating systems iOS 7 & OS X 10.9
  • Sep. 11: Keynote Part 2: Techniques
  • Aug. 21: Overview of Windows 8
    • presented by Bhim Nimgade of the Madison PC Users Group
  • July 17: Keynote Part 1: Designing a presentation
  • June 19: Behind the scenes at the SWAG website: intro to Blogger
  • May 8: What's new with iPhoto?
    • presented by Jordan Wheelock of Graphite
  • Apr. 17: Why do they still call it "iTunes"?
    • election of officers
  • Mar. 13: "I am not a Mac": intro to the iPad user interface
    • nomination of officers
  • Feb. 13: Pages (a component of Apple's iWork suite)
  • Jan. 16: ITunes Version 11
2012 Meeting Topics
  • Dec. 19: meeting cancelled due to threatening weather
  • Nov. 21: Backup and restoration strategies
  • Oct. 10: Internet interactivity (sassing websites)
  • Sep. 12: Building a database from scratch with FileMaker Pro
  • Aug. 15: Intro to and demo of Mountain Lion, the newest Mac OS
  • July 18: Videoconferencing: GoToMeeting, Skype, and FaceTime
  • June 13: Introduction to iCloud — why, how, etc.
  • May 9: Database use and development: a primer
  • Apr. 18: eBooks: what they are, are not, and might become
    • election of officers
  • Mar. 14: Time-savers and clever quirks about the Mac
    • nomination of officers
  • Feb. 8: A grab-bag of cheap and/or userful and/or fun and quirky apps from The App Store
  • Jan. 18: iPhoto
2011 Meeting Topics
  • Dec: Movie Night: The Social Network (2010)
  • Nov: meeting cancelled due to threatening weather
  • Oct: iPad2
  • Sep: Backup tools: Time Machine and Dropbox
  • Aug: Intro to Lion and the installation process
  • Jul: Finder tips continued
  • Jun: Finder tips (interrupted by tornado warning and evacuation)
  • May: Roundtable discussion: Privacy, Cookies, & Data-Mining:  Reasonable expectations, concerns, and protections
  • Apr: no specific topic, just “open Q&A”
  • Mar: App Store and iTunes Store
  • Feb: 10 Things You Might Not Know about iTunes
  • Jan: Meeting cancelled — library lost our room reservation
2010 Meeting Topics
  • Dec: Movie Night: Tron (1982)
  • Nov: Getting your Mac ready for sale/donation, and more!
  • Oct: iWeb
  • Sep: Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Aug: Movie Night: Pirates of Silicon Valley (1999)
  • Jul: Spreadsheet Comparison Part 3
  • Jun: Spreadsheet Comparison Part 2
  • May: Spreadsheet Comparison Part 1
  • Apr: Producing newsletters
  • Mar: TurboTax for Mac
  • Feb: Watching video on your Mac
  • Jan: Streaming audio
2009 Meeting Topics
  • Dec: No meeting — happy holidays!
  • Nov: Advanced Q&A
  • Oct: Snow Leopard
  • Sep: iPhoto '09
  • Aug: Google continued
  • Jul: Google: More than a search engine
  • Jun: Mac security
  • May: Spring cleaning for your Mac
  • Apr: Battle of the e-mail apps!
  • Mar: TurboTax
  • Feb: iWork 09: What's New
  • Jan: MacWorld Expo highlights