SWAG has shut down and is not accepting new or renewed memberships. Here's the way we used to do it:

Annual dues are $12 per household. Dues are payable:
  • by cash, check, or money order in person at the monthly meeting, or
  • by check or money order mailed to
    PO Box 259298, Madison, WI 53725-9298
Please print out this page, fill it in, and give it to us with your dues. Information is kept strictly confidential and is used for SWAG purposes only.

Names of
Householders __________________________________________________

Address _______________________________________________________

Eddresses* ____________________________________________________
Numbers* ____________________________________________________
Your Main
Computer: _________________________ Mac OS Version** __________

Interests: _____________________________________________________

Programs You
Want To See: __________________________________________________
*Also indicate type (home, work, cell, backup, etc.)
**Available from "About This Mac" under your  menu