2012.10 Business: New Name and Mission Adopted

At last night's meeting, the membership considered 2 revisions to the pending constitutional amendment and adopted both of them, 1 after the other. The 1st replaced the proposed name "South Central Wisconsin Apple Users Group (SCWAUG)" with "Wisconsin Enjoyers of Apple Stuff (WisEAppleS)". The 2nd replaced "WisEAppleS" with "Southern Wisconsin Apple Group (SWAG)". A 3rd amendment, to replace both name and abbreviation with "Madappolis", failed for lack of a second.

There were no further amendments and no further discussion, so we voted on the entire proposal, and it was unanimously adopted. The new name for the Madison Macintosh Users Group (Mad Mac) is now Southern Wisconsin Apple Group (SWAG). The mission statement now includes all Apple products (such as the iPhone, iPad, and iPod) and services (such as the App Store, iTunes, and iCloud), not just Macintoshes (tho of course we'll still pay lots of attention to those as well).

Your board will set to work propagating this new name in all the places where the old one appears, but this will take awhile, so be prepared to see the old name from time to time during the transitional period. In particular, we'll let you know in plenty of time before we change the name of the website.


2012.10 History: September Q&A

By Dave Weston, Quizmaster; summary by Richard S. Russell

(Note: Sorry that this was all we were able to get notes on for September.)

Q: My HP 8500 Pro is connected wirelessly to a Mac Mini, but the Mac won’t recognize it. The HP software is installed on the Mini, but some of it needed to be uninstalled to let the Mac equivalent take over.

A: It may be necessary to disconnect it to talk directly to the Apple AirPort. The printer doesn’t connect directly to your printer, it connects to the hub and is part of your network. The specifics of printers are peculiar to the brand, and it often requires eyes-on to troubleshoot it. In general, ignore any software that came with the printer and download the most recent version of it off the company’s website. You can also call the vendor’s trouble line directly; HP has a good reputation for that.