2012.10 History: September Q&A

By Dave Weston, Quizmaster; summary by Richard S. Russell

(Note: Sorry that this was all we were able to get notes on for September.)

Q: My HP 8500 Pro is connected wirelessly to a Mac Mini, but the Mac won’t recognize it. The HP software is installed on the Mini, but some of it needed to be uninstalled to let the Mac equivalent take over.

A: It may be necessary to disconnect it to talk directly to the Apple AirPort. The printer doesn’t connect directly to your printer, it connects to the hub and is part of your network. The specifics of printers are peculiar to the brand, and it often requires eyes-on to troubleshoot it. In general, ignore any software that came with the printer and download the most recent version of it off the company’s website. You can also call the vendor’s trouble line directly; HP has a good reputation for that.

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