2012.09 Business: Renaming Proposal Revised

At tonight's meeting of the Mad Mac Users Group, the proposed constitutional revision came to the floor for discussion and amendment. Two amendments were proposed, and both were adopted, 1 after the other. The effect of the 2nd was to replace the 1st. The effect of the 1st was to replace the new name proposed by the board. The effect of the board's motion was to replace the group's current name.

So, in order, these are the names we passed thru:
  1. Madison Macintosh Users Group (MMUG), the current name
  2. Macintosh and Apple Devotees Club of Wisconsin (MADCOW), the board proposal
  3. All Things Apple (ATA), amendment proposed by Chico Mitchell, adopted
  4. South Central Wisconsin Apple User Group (SCWAUG), amendment proposed by Jim Benes, adopted

After limited further discussion, the motion was tabled until next month, since it cannot be voted on at the meeting at which it was introduced. It will again be open for discussion and amendment at the October meeting.

1 comment:

  1. Speaking strictly for myself, I know from 20 years' experience that nobody is going to use the group's full name in casual conversation, and I find that "SCWAUG" hardly rolls trippingly off the tongue the way "Mad Mac" always has. I'd prefer something more euphonious.