2012.09 News: New Apple Products Announced

Keep your eyes on the news for coverage of the latest generation of iPhone (#5), iOS (#6), iPod Touch (#5), and iPod Nano (#7), plus snazzier interfaces for iTunes, the iTunes store, and the App Store. As expected, today's press conference held nothing of significant interest specifically for Macintoshes, but keep your eye on the new interfaces, because chances are good you'll be seeing something like it on your big monitor in the next couple of years.

Of lesser interest on the national scene, but front and center to our merry band, tonight's Mad Mac meeting will include a business portion, in which we get to consider an amendment to our constitution to change the name "Madison Macintosh Users Group" (AKA "Mad Mac" or "MMUG") to "Macintosh and Apple Devotees Club of Wisconsin" ("MADCOW"). This is the 1st of 2 required considerations; there will be a vote next month, but the motion may be discussed or amended at either meeting.


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