2013.12 News: Apple Picking

So that's what the kids are calling it these days! A light-fingered, glib-tongued young man was stocking up on iPhones at a downtown Madison bar when the cops moved in.

Given a choice of many possible cell phones to choose from, this young connoisseur preferred the Apple product. This is just one more indicator of why Apple is now the most valuable brand in the world, supplanting Coca-Cola, the previous #1, which had held the title for decades. Coke slipped to #3. (The answer to the Sam Bowie question is "Google".)


BTW, there's a good reason why Apple is the world's most valuable corporation. Even corporate raider Carl Icahn, the subject of this week's cover story in Time, who wants to get his hands on some of that $147,000,000,000 in cash that Apple's sitting on, admits up front that he has absolutely no quarrel with the way Tim Cook is running the company.

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