2012.06 Business: Volunteers Needed!

The Mad Mac board is seeking volunteers among the Mad Mac members (and even those who aren't members) to step up and share your knowledge and familiarity on the following topics, which have been suggested as meeting presentations:
  • Reunion (geneology software for the Mac)
  • a compare-and-contrast demo of Windows 7 (on a non-Mac) vs. Parallels on the Mac vs. Bootcamp on the Mac: How close are they?
  • comparing and contrasting social media apps (MySpace, Google+, Facebook): What are the pros and cons of each?
If you have experience with the topics above and are willing to share it with your fellow Mad Mac members, please contact any board member. (Contact information is listed under the "About Us" tab.)

If you've never done a presentation in front of a group before, we'll help you get ready and will supply the barf bags. HHOK!* But seriously, you know how beginning teachers get by, don't you? All they have to do is stay a chapter ahead of the students in the textbook. You can fake that for an hour, can't you?

*ha ha, only kidding!

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