2012.06 Help: Prepare for Q&A

When preparing to bring questions to ask at the Mad Mac meeting, please try to remember the following:
  1. Know what operating system your Mac is running. You can find this information under "About this Mac" under the  menu in the Finder, upper left-most corner.
  2. Know what model of Mac you have. An iMac? A MacBook Pro? If your question is about a non-Mac device, what is it? An iPhone? Which generation? An iPod? What kind?
  3. Know the name of the application (program) you were using when the problem occurred, or that you have a question about.
  4. If you got an error message while using the Mac that you didn't understand, write down the exact wording of it and bring that to the meeting. This will help us diagnose the problem you were having.
  5. Try to write down exactly what you were doing when you encountered the behavior you want to ask about: every move of the mouse, every click, and what exactly happens when the problem occurs. No detail is too small!
By having as much of the above information as possible on hand, you can help us answer your question effectively and efficiently! We might even get the answer correct!

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