2012.07 Back Fence: Adding Graphics

Shortly after yesterday's "Back Fence" item went up, Mad Mac member Jeanne Gomoll posted a comment on how to set up an RSS feed that will have your web browser automatically alert you when there's something new and neat to be seen here.

She also e-mailed me separately to express her frustration that the nifty graphic she'd prepared showing how to do it couldn't be posted as part of her comment. I used my demigod-like administrative powers to look at the website's settings to see if I could enable that feature, but it turns out not to be a feature at all — at least not a feature available to the bare-bones (IE, free) version of Blogger we're using for Mad Mac — so the sad story is that no, you can't embed graphics directly within your own comments.

However, what you can do is send them to me (or any other Mad Mac board member, since we all be demigods in this here pantheon), and we can do it for you. Blogger accepts graphics in .jpg, .gif, .bmp, and .png formats, 8 megabytes max.

How about files of other types, like
  • word-processing (.txt, .rtf, .doc)
  • spreadsheet (.numbers, .xls, .xlsx)
  • audio (.mp3, .mp4, .wav, .aiff, .au)
  • multimedia (.qt, .mov, .wmv)
  • database (.fp7, .fmp12, .accdb)
  • etc.

We still haven't figured out how to store and display those, as you will see if you visit our plaint under the "Archive" tab, but we're working on it. Stay tuned.

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