2012.08 News: Membership Dues Reduced

Thanks to our continued use of the Sequoya Library meeting rooms and the move to the free blogspot website for the group, Mad Mac's overall costs have been reduced. Therefore, by unanimous vote of the board, effective August 1, 2012, membership dues for Mad Mac will be $1 per month, payable in however many months an individual wishes to pay. So if you want to pay for 6 months before your membership runs out, it will be $6. Current members will have their existing memberships prorated ($15 for 12 months now yields 15 months, so you get 5 for 4), and members will still get reminders to renew via e-mail. The board is exploring setting up a PayPal account for Mad Mac. When it's ready we'll announce here and on the website.

Your dues are used to maintain our Post Office box, liability insurance for the group (a requirement of the state), and to purchase the occasional app and equipment for the group, such as adaptors for our projector.

Thanks to our new and continuing members for your support!

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