2012.08 Opinion: Why I Like the Mad Mac Board

To kick off the August meeting, board at-large member Dave Peterson pointed out yet again that the board has a vacancy that we're looking to fill. He figured that maybe people have been reluctant to step forward and volunteer for the slot not only because of diffidence but perhaps because they weren't sure what all it entailed, so he talked about his own experiences as the newest Mad Mac board member.

He cited the duties required by the bylaws: "At-large directors shall broaden and diversify the decision-making capabilities of the Board." The board's primary job is to identify what to present at our general meetings, and the more brains put to that task, the better.

Should you be part of this process? Well, do you have ideas and opinions? Can you speak English? Do you have a good sense of humor? Do you enjoy verbal repartee? If you can answer yes to all those questions, you'd be a good board member. You don't need a degree in rocket science, and you are not automatically volunteering to do a bunch of presentations. Dave emphasized that, in addition to board service being a worthwhile use of his time, it was enjoyable!

The time commitment is one extra evening once a month, always at a local restaurant purposely chosen to be quiet enuf to hear each other, quite often Parkway Family Restaurant just off the Beltline at Fish Hatchery Road.

It's a 2-year term, but the unfilled portion of the vacant position runs only thru next April. If you're at all interested, contact any board member.

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