2013.07 News: Are You Smarter Than Congress?

You're probably aware that the approval ratings for Congress are now down in the single digits, below used-car salesmen and only slightly higher than child molesters (but closing in fast). Maybe you've even joined in the new national sport of scoffing at their cluelessness and ridiculing their ineptitude.

Well, don't let it go to your head, bub! It's entirely possible that you are engaging in practices just as stupid as Congress when it comes to your computer passwords. Read this article from Infoworld's Robert X. Cringely and ask yourself whether your password selection makes you smarter than a Congresscritter.

For further grins on the subject, treat yourself to a stroll thru the top 25 passwords used on the Internet, as described by PCWorld's Jared Newman, who mercifully follows up his chortling over their transparency with some helpful hints on how to do it right.

And, in case you, as an Apple loyalist, couldn't bring yourself to view something from PCWorld, you at least owe it to yourself to review this hilarious bad example that Newman quotes from Mel Brooks's movie Spaceballs.

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