2015.01 News: My God, How the Money Rolls In

According to Fortune magazine, it seems that Apple is doing OK moneywise.

As the article notes:
Apple racked up $74.6 billion in revenue last quarter, a 29.5% gain on the same period a year before. Earlier on Tuesday, Fortune polled 35 analysts who expected revenue to increase by about 20%, to $68.7 billion, while Apple’s own guidance for the quarter predicted $66.5 billion in quarterly revenue.

Numbers that big are simply abstractions to most people, so let's throw in a little perspective. The equalized property valuation of the entirety of Milwaukee County is $58.3 billion. That means that Apple made enuf money in 3 months to be able to buy the land and infrastructure that it took the largest city in Wisconsin about 200 years to accumulate. And still have $10 billion left over to spend on beer and cheeseheads.

Maybe they don't need our help much any more.

PS: Jan. 29. This was covered nicely in today's Joy of Tech comic strip:

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