2015.01 News: SWAG Membership Votes to Disband

At tonight's general membership meeting, the SWAG members present voted to adopt the board's recommendation to dissolve the organization and also adopted the recommended shutdown plan, with a couple of amendments. The details are available under the business tab.

The shutdown plan entails refunding the unused portion of members' dues, then distributing the money remaining in the treasury (estimated to be about $2000) as follows:
  • $500 to the Madison Public Library Foundation
  • ⅙ of residue (~$250) to Wisconsin Historical Society Foundation, designated by board member Jim Benes
  • ⅙ to Fitchburg Fields, designated by board member Raul De Luna
  • ⅙ to Friends of Sequoya Library, designated by board member Holly McEntee
  • ⅙ to Friends of Sequoya Library, designated by board member Dave Peterson
  • ⅙ to Friends of Sequoya Library, designated by board member Richard S. Russell
  • ⅙ to Porchlight, designated by board member Dave Weston
SWAG equipment (a projector, a pair of speakers, various video adapters, and a DC-to-AC power inverter) will remain in the possession of their current custodian, Richard S. Russell, and are available for loan to anyone who was a SWAG member as of 2015 January.

This blog is not going away, however, and if you'd like to keep up with it, make use of the "Follow by E-Mail" feature at the upper right.

We take heart in departing knowing that we have, single-handedly, succeeded in making Apple the world's most valuable corporation and most trusted brand.

It's been a good run, but nothing lasts forever. Thanks for the good times, but alas, farewell.


  1. Thought I had posted a comment earlier but somehow didn't make it onto the comments section. Thanks for a great run! You folks deserve a round of applause and only wish the kitty you had to split was bigger. Cal Bruce

  2. Many, many thanks to all who dedicated untold hours of time to our organization! Your level of organization, effort, and good cheer have been phenomenal, including the well designed exit.