2015.02 News: More TDS E-Mail Drama

Well, the news story I posted yesterday identified a problem I'd encountered when my ISP, TDS, switched me over to their new e-mail system. Suddenly my inbox developed a whole host of "unread" messages. Closer inspection showed that they were all messages that I'd received earlier (most of them years earlier), dealt with, and trashed. And I thot I'd figured out how to trash them again, thereby slimming my inbox down to its customary state of "hardly anything going on", which is what I reported in my previous post.

But as I continued to work, more old messages started showing up. Rather than dealing with them in small batches, I finally figured I'd just move my cursor into a hot corner so the screen wouldn't go to sleep and let the Mail program run in the foreground overnight. I then went to bed. This morning I arose to find my beloved iMac overrun with the walking dead, as tens of thousands of zombie messages had returned from the grave to overwhelm me. Compare this to what I posted yesterday, and remember that in between the 2 of them I'd cleaned yesterday's batch out:

I'm going to contact TDS's help line about this and will let you know what advice they have to offer (if any).

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