2012.03 Editorial: Off the Mousepad

By Holly McEntee

Hello all you Mac users, I hope this email finds you well. I am sorry to have missed February's meeting — sounds like it was really interesting. Alas, Spring is the toughest season for me due to my barometric-pressure-triggered migraines. Incoming warm, humid fronts hammer a railroad spike right through my left eye and nothing but darkness and sleep (if I can manage it) helps. Luckily Richard Russell captured the essence of the meeting in his notes, for which I (and you!) should thank him. Richard also has my thanks in helping finalize this month's newsletter as I will be traveling during the usual time of the month when I finish up Mad Mac News. Thanks again, Richard!

The biggest Mac news these past weeks Apple's move to ask the nonpartisan, nonprofit Fair Labor Association (FLA) to perform audits of final-assembly suppliers in China, following reports of poor working conditions and employee suicides. According to the press release on Apple's website readers can review the audits of over 500 factories throughout its supply chain. FLA has been criticized by some, but I can't help but see this as a positive step. Other large companies could learn a lesson here, I think. You can read more about the FLA on their website.

The other big news, of course, is the announcement about Mountain Lion, the next OS X step to be taken in late Summer of this year. (whimper) I've only just about worked up the nerve to make the move to Lion, and they're already talking about the next one? Sigh. I feel better knowing the great minds of Mad Mac will help me through the transition. The only reason I plan to do it at all is because I want to continue using the service formerly known as dot.mac ... although I am not sorry to see me.com retired. Ick.

One of our members emailed me to ask if we could have a presentation on the specific features of Pages and Numbers that casual users of Word and Excel need to know in order to easily migrate from MS to iWorks. The board will discuss this and other ideas for upcoming presentations, but if you'd like to get started there's a great article on Tidbits on strategies for switching from Word to Pages. You can read it here.

Finally, I understand that the first Nigerian e-mail scam claiming to be informing the recipient that he/she has been left 4 million pounds sterling in the last will and testament of Steve Job's (sic) has started making the rounds. Don't be fooled. ;-)

Hope to see you March 14!


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