2012.03 News: Election Time! No Recalls Needed!

This being an even-numbered year, the 4 Mad Mac officerships are up for election. (The 3 at-large board members are elected in odd-numbered years.) President Chico Mitchell has announced that he will not be seeking re-election. The other incumbents are Vice-President Dave Weston, Secretary Holly McEntee, and Treasurer Raul De Luna. According to our constitution, "Any person whose membership has been in force for at least 4 months prior to the nominating meeting, and is scheduled to remain in force for at least 4 months after the election meeting, shall be eligible to hold any office. ... Candidates for election as officers shall be nominated from the floor at the nominating meeting in March. ... Each nomination must be accepted by the nominee prior to, at, or within 7 days of that meeting. ... Officers shall be elected at the election meeting in April."

Please consider being a candidate for office. There are few obligations, mainly attending a planning meeting over dinner with the other board members a couple of weeks ahead of each membership meeting, and everyone there always has a good time.

It is perfectly OK to nominate yourself for any office.

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