2012.03 Help: A Pawful of Lion Hints

Thanks to Mouse Droppings, newsletter of the Corvallis (Oregon) MUG for these hints.

- If an open application does not show a tiny light beneath its icon in the Dock, Go to System Preferences > Dock and check "Show indicator lights for open applications".

- When you drag your finger up on the Mouse, what direction do you want the text or image on screen to move? You can change this in System Preferences > Mouse. Just click or un-click "Scroll direction: natural".

- If you have a Trackpad, use the Trackpad icon in System Preferences to adjust scrolling direction.

- You do not see scroll bars in Lion unless you are actually scrolling. If you like the old Snow Leopard way, go to System Preferences > General and click "Always" under "Show scroll bars".

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