2012.04 Article: FAA to Review Electronics Usage on Aircraft

Excerpt only. Read full story here.

The FAA recently announced that they would take a “fresh look” at personal use of electronic devices while on board aircraft. Tablets and e-readers will be the main focus of their review. The FAA has “prohibited device usage if below 10,000 ft” if the device has not been cleared to make sure it won’t interfere with onboard avionics. For many travelers it seems absurd that the agency hasn’t cleared a list of harmless devices already. For years it has been up to the airline to perform their own tests on every single device. FAA rules require said tests to be carried out with no passengers onboard, which results in lost income, as a plane is forced out of service. Now, however, the agency is willing to help test devices and work with airlines and customers to attempt to improve the flying experience.

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