2012.04 News: A Potpourri of Software Announcements

Gleaned from various sources

FileMaker 12 Released

Mad Mac board member Richard S. Russell uses Filemaker Pro to build databases for several non-profit organizations in the Madison area. It was only natural that he noted that on April 4 FileMaker Inc. released the FileMaker 12 database software line, launching a new era for databases, empowering users to create stunning custom database apps for iPad, iPhone, Windows, Mac, and the web. The FileMaker Go 12 for iPad and iPhone apps are available free on the App Store, making it easy for everyone to run iOS database apps created by FileMaker Pro 12. Richard says "I always recommend keeping up to date with the latest releases of your computer software for the same reason that I always recommend changing the oil in your car. You should budget not only for acquisition but also for maintenance and operation." But he advises against just routinely upgrading to FMP 12 (the way he advised for upgrades to 8, 8.5, 9, 10, and 11), as it uses a brand-new file format, and therefore there should be some advance planning* before converting. He's available for consultation. Read more at

*Richard adds: "I've found that advance planning is more useful, even tho retrospective planning is invariably more accurate."

Aperture 3.2.3

Recently Apple updated iPhoto and other software packages to make it possible to delete photos from the Photo Stream feature that is part of its iCloud service. In mid-March Apple has further supported this option by adding it to its Aperture professional photo-management tool in an update that is available now. The Aperture update also addresses small performance and stability issues, and is recommended for anyone using Aperture, especially for those who use iCloud.

The Aperture update is around 635 MB in size and should be available via Software Update if you have Aperture 3.2 installed on your system. The update also requires the latest versions of OS X Snow Leopard and Lion, so if you have not already done so, be sure to update your operating system software before installing this update.

Epson Printer Drivers

In addition to the Aperture update, Apple has made available driver updates for supported Epson printer models. As with other printer updates, while Apple makes the entire package of drivers available online, most people will not need to install it. Instead, if you have an Epson printer, just check Software Update and if the driver for it has been updated then it will be presented for you to install.

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