2012.04 Recommended: Cheap Cables and Connectors

Editor's note: Thanks to Rick Calicura, President of Diablo Valley MUG by way of The NotePad, newsletter of Club Mac, for these tips.

We all love our toys. When we purchase a new piece of equipment, we are easy prey to salespeople who earn commissions. When you purchase a new DVD player, for instance, an eager salesperson is sure to urge you to buy a high-end HDMI cable to connect it to your high-def TV. 

Some of these cables, notably from Monster Cable, can cost over $60 — and that’s with an online discount. (Search done via Google.) This can run into serious money.

However, there is a place where you can get quality cables at very reasonable prices. For instance, a cable that meets the exact specifications of the cable above will cost you $3.50! Where can this place be, you might ask? Well, using your browser, visit 
http://www. monoprice.com
You can buy computer cables and connectors as well. Some examples:
  • 6-foot, 9-pin FireWire 800-to-FireWire 400 cable: $4.72
    (Believe me, you would pay far more at the Apple Store for this.)
  • 6-foot synchronization cable for iPhone, iPad, and iPod, white: $5.61
    (You know you paid more than that at Fry’s.)
  • Thunderbolt-to-HDMI connector, DVI, and Display Port Adapter: $13.94
    (Apple is going to charge you $29.95 for this same device.)

Smart shopping is really important in this day and age and there is no need to pay a fortune for a high-profit item when other alternatives are available for the same quality merchandise. I have to share that I have purchased from Monoprice and the equipment has proven to be every bit as good as the merchandise from full-price dealers. Don’t get ripped off!

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