2012.04 Editorial: Off the Mousepad

By Holly McEntee

Greetings, fellow Mad Mac'ers. Well I finally did it: I made the move to Lion, and to iCloud. I agonized over this for a long time, put off by reports of people having had trouble with Lion, or iCloud, or both. Part of my resistance is that all of the Macs at work are not moving to Lion anytime soon, and I was unsure how well my new iCloud calendars would sync with iCal on my work machine. I berated myself for being such a chicken — jeez Louise, I've upgraded my OS at least a dozen times! — then talked myself into procrastinating for one reason or another (I'll wait til after the holiday; I'll do it when I get back from New Zealand; I'll wait til our tax returns have been processed in case Turbo Tax needs Snow Leopard for some reason, ...). Finally I told myself that after I upgraded, I could get a new iPad3 — but not before. D'oh! Between that, and getting spammed by increasingly shrill e-mails from Apple about MobileMe ending, I acquiesced. I carefully ran Software Update, then repaired disk permissions, then ran Software Update again, and ran Time Machine one more time. Only then did I go to the App Store and download Lion. With a trembling finger I clicked "Install" and fled the house (yelling "don't touch the computer!" to my husband on my way out the door). Upon my return I crept into the office to find ...

... my iMac, humming along serenely. Running Lion. No worries. (Except Lion killed Stickies, which I didn't think about…hope I didn't have anything too important on one of those…)

Boy, do I feel silly. There's a lot of new things to learn (like Mission Control, and Launchpad) and get used to (like iCloud), but so far so good. Now if you excuse me, there's an iPad3 out there with my name on it. :)

Hope you can make it to the meeting this Wednesday! E-books are edging into everyone's peripheral vision these days, not necessarily for the better. The explanation given by sci-fi author Charlie Stross at
is (to me) particularly alarming. (It taught me a new word: monopsony.) I'm all for reducing our collective use of paper for the good of the environment, but frankly e-books make me nervous. Thankfully, Dave Weston will be speaking with us about e-books at this week's Mad Mac meeting. I'm looking forward to having my questions answered!


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